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Welcome to Kurtawala

Kurtawala is an ethnic-wear label which is in sync with today's woman and her need to look gorgeous effortlessly Everyday! Our label is a beautiful marriage of timeless classics and trendy comfort thrown in with everything that is simply wearable and Beautiful. Inspired then crafted from the romance and ageless charm of Jaipur the brand "Kurtawala" caters to today's woman who is totally Indian at heart and still has a conquer-the-world attitude.

When it comes to fashion, its not just about smart clothing but it's The Brand uses simplicity of design and traditional hand-block art to capture the ethnicity of Indian culture with products offering best in-class prices, great fit, good quality & design for women , men and kids.


Contact us:

eMail: connect@kurtawala.com

Mob. No.:+91-9950622999


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